The village

U Poghju di Venacu/Poggio di Venaco

Situated in the centre of the island, Poggio di Venaco’s village owes its name its strategic location at the top of the hill, giving each visitor an unrivalled panoramic view.

Circular glance mixes croups and crests in the played up relief which dominates the valley of Tavignano in its breakthrough until the sea with the necklace of villages which compose ” Pieve ” of Bozio, Monte Cardo (2 452 m) and Popolasca’s needles behind Corte’s bottom.

By visiting the village, you will be able to take advantage of points of view of the church Saint Quirice, locate your location with the viewpoint indicator, join Petra Paola’s belvedere in end of the cape, discover the chapel Holy Roch or the arca, devote themselves to the pleasure of the walk by going through the path discovery ” U Caracudu ” which joins in buckle Poggio di Venaco, Casanova, Riventosa and ” Belle Granaghje’s ” cols or enjoy the ride by using all the routes of Venacais and Cortenais.

Poggio di Venaco is crossed by one of the most important rivers of Corsica, Tavignano. The central situation in Vénacais constitutes a course of fishing and a place of swimming very popular. Hikes are offered from the village as well as from the numerous mountain sports and fresh water sport in surroundings (climb, big rides, canoe kayak).

Near CORTE (9 km), Poggio di Venaco (Height 650 m) is situated in the heart of Corsica and at a crow fly of its most beautiful banks, giving the possibility of associating the enjoyments of the mountain and the sea in the comfort of summery evenings in semi height the hills.


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