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… Breakfasts and relaxation apéritive In Café-Glacier “The QUIROCH”

It is in the ” Quiroch ” that ” Casa Mathea’s ” breakfasts are served by Isabelle and Eric. As if it wanted receive Communion with the sky, this cafe glacier finds its name, Quirice and Roch, from the patron saints of Poggio di Venaco’s village. It offers to the guest more than a service, another way of living, of knowing better to be recognized. Availability, sympathy are the bosses of it words. Its panoramic terrace invites to the rest and to the musing in the summer warmth of our evenings or in the pastels of an autumn campaign or still in the rising smells of spring.

Place of make you young people and former(ancient), residents and guests the QUIROCH proposes evenings relaxation where the game of competitions competes with the musical evenings when Corsican voices get married in the sounds of guitars and mandolins on bottom of starry sky and soothing mountains in their motionless drawings. Holidays votives (in July and August) come at their time with their procession of animations. So many events appropriate to amuse and to gather.

… The holiday cottage in the country and the guest houses

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In front of the inn “Casa Mathea”, magnificent holiday cottage in the country proposes its formula dormitory (two units of 8 places with an equipped common kitchen) and its 6 guest houses to the walkers of the variant Mare a Mare North and to all the amateurs of sports holidays such our friends kayakistes and touring cyclists. Possibility of restoration in the inn “Casa Mathea”.

… The station

Poggio di Venaco’s village is also served by railroad network. The station is situated in about 1,5 km of the village. The stop is optional, it is enough to ask for it the driver.