Isula di Corsica

Corsica, a jewel in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, Corsica for what it is, loving and passionate, with this relishing mixtures(miscellany) of steep coasts, sandy beaches gilt and mountains, colours and aromas.
Corsica, a hint rebellious, protects her landscapes and the main thing is to love her the way she is, has been and will always be; an island without artificiality.
The sun gave her her warmth, the water her life and her colours, the wind her landscapes. All those elements have given Corsica her beauty, embedded her personality and developed her hospitality.
Corsica, welcoming land, loves being respected. Rich from her history, it is a land where sharing has all its meaning, where each one has his share of the island but all together have all of it.



Corsica is an earth of mountains, which likes bathing in the “big blue”, the Mediterranean Sea. From the wonderful hikes, which caresses the top her spine, one guesses the permanent assaults from the natural four elements, which shaped her hurling against the hard cliff where schists, granites and porphyres strew with their subject an unconquered earth, eager for spaces and for freedom. Then, come as strings of pearls, all these villages hanging on the sides of hills as to give evidence of their invincibility. Unspoilt natural beauty of multiple landscapes that lovingly attracts the expectant visitors. Forests which adorn themselves with the dark green of the tree king or those of the breadfruit tree, which offers in the half-tones of autumn, the fruit in a twinkling bug adorned with thorns as to remind us that it is necessary to take time to make his discovery. In this centre, one discovers the soul of Corsica. The seeming coarseness of the villages hides the priceless gift of welcoming the foreigners. Every village resounds with the noise of its legends and this basket of supernatural tales seems to want to strengthen the truth of its natural passion of the truth. Anchored in the dualities, believer in the values Corsica meets itself in its songs ,its music and its culture. Finally, as a multicoloured cordon, Corsica offers a coast that has no equal. Multiplying its landscapes with the overalls predominance of the sea and the azure.

Such is Corsica which one feels, that you ought to discover her by going through her lovingly and realising as well, that the Greek KALLISTE has truly remained ” La Belle des Belles “.